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HeartChat Rating System

  1. What is a Rating?

    1. Every HeartChat member has a 'rating' which results from feedback left by others in the Chat and the combination of certain system generated rating points.
    2. Members may only add 1000 points per day to their Overall Rating, so those with a high number of points have more experience on HeartChat than those with a lower number.
    3. Since the HeartChat system rewards members who follows rules, the rating system also promotes positive behaviour.
  2. Rating Conditions

    1. Operators in rank 18 and below are allowed to rate another operator once in every 10 days.
    2. Operators in rank 19 and above are allowed to rate another operator once in every 5 days.
    3. Normal Operators Rank 10 and above and all Premium Operators can rate others.
    4. Only Premium Operators can be rated.
    5. One Operator can get a maximum of 1000 user points per day as rating.
    6. Operators cannot rate themselves.
    7. The HeartChat admins reserves the right to adjust ratings if they find any operator malpractice with the ratings.
  3. Ways to Rate Members

    1. Operators can rate other Operators using the following command : /rate OPNICK RATESCALE ( for eg: /rate OPNICK 3)
    2. Operators can rate other Operator from the member area.
  4. Ratings Points

    1. The total number of points operators have received is their Overall Rating; the number of both positive and negative points they have received in the current day makes up their Daily Rating.
    2. The Rating Level they have reached is indicated by the icon next to their Overall Rating.
    3. At the end of each day, up to 1000 Daily Rating points are added to the Overall Rating.
  5. Rating Bar

    1. The below bar will be shown when the operator profile is seen via /profile, /id, Nick Info in private areas. Also the same will be shown in the Chat login page and member area first page.
    2. The Operators can view the Positive and Negative Ratings History on a monthly basis.
    3. Operators can show their Rating bar through Ticker, main, PM message by adding *SRATE* inbetween their message.

    4. You can show your Rating Points in main/ticker/PM for a maximum of 5 times in a month.
    5. Additional display of showing the rating points will require to buy package at the cost of 50Dhs for 50 ratings.
    6. The showrate package balance can be carried forward for the subsequent months.
  6. User Rating Points

    ( Rating Op <= 18)
    ( Rating Op > 19)
    +10 +20 Outstanding Operator
    +5 +10 Very Good Operator
    +2 +5 Average Operator
    -1 -5 Poor Operator
    -2 -10 Worse Operator

  7. System Rating Points

    Points Description
    +10 New/Convert Premium Member
    +30 Renew 3 months
    +100 * (rank number+(0.25*levelnumber)) Upgrade One Rank
    +2 Action For Kick
    +5 Action For Ban
    +7 Action For Deop
    +10 Action For Suspend
    +1030 mins Chat time
    -10Action Against Kick (<19)
    -20 Action Against Kick (>19)
    -20Action Against Ban (<19)
    -50Action Against Ban (>19)
    -50Action Against Deop(<19)
    -100Action Against Deop(>19)
    -100Action Against Suspend(<19)
    -200Action Against Suspend(>19)
    -100Downgrade Warning
    -200Downgrade One Rank
    +1000First Mr/Miss Operator (UAE)
    +200Second Mr/Miss Operator (UAE)
    +500First Mr/Miss Operator (Oman)
    +100Second Mr/Miss Operator (Oman)
    +50000Mr.Agent (UAE)
    +20000Second Mr.Agent (UAE)
    +25000Mr.Agent (Oman)
    +10000Second Mr.Agent (Oman)
    +1For each 1 Dhs of agent account in a month
    +5Every 25 Ticker Messages
    +20IP Power Plan A
    +30IP Power Plan B
    +50IP Power Plan C

    When the member receives the above points, they are added in real-time to their Daily Rating point totals and your Overall Rating total.

  8. Rating Levels

    Description Icon Points
    Green Smiley Face 0 to 200 points
    Blue Smiley Face 201 to 1000 points
    Yellow Smiley Face 1001 to 3000 points
    Orange Smiley Face 3001 to 6000 points
    Red Smiley Face 6001 to 10000 points
    Green Heart 10001 to 20000 points
    Blue Heart 20001 to 40000 points
    Yellow Heart 40001 to 60000 points
    Orange Heart 60001 to 80000 points
    Red Heart 80001 to 100000 points
    Green Shooting Heart 100001 to 200000 points
    Blue Shooting Heart 200001 to 300000 points
    Yellow Shooting Heart 300001 to 400000 points
    Orange Shooting Heart 400001 to 500000 points
    Red Shooting Heart 500001 to 1000000 points
    Green Star 1000001 to 2000000 points
    Blue Star 2000001 to 3000000 points
    Yellow Star 3000001 to 4000000 points
    Orange Star 4000001 to 5000000 points
    Red Star 5000001 to 7000000 points
    Green Animated Star 7000001 to 9000000 points
    Blue Animated Star 9000001 to 1000000 points
    Yellow Animated Star 10000001 to 12000000 points
    Orange Animated Star 12000001 to 15000000 points
    Red Animated Star 15000001 and above points
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