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To chat, type a message in the input box to the bottom of the screen and Press enter key or Post/load button to send the message. Your message then appears on the chat screen preceded by your nickname.

Each time you press enter or POST button, the chat screen is also updated with the messages from other chatters. New messages come in at the bottom of the screen. As new messages come in, old messages will scroll off the top of the screen. The default number of lines displayed in the screen is 16.

Chatters can be either selected directly by clicking their nickname present in the main page or can be selected by typing “/list” (This command will display the nickname presently Online) in the input box.

English Nicknames can be letters (a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9), and underscore ( _ ). Arabic Nicknames can be of Arabic Characters, numbers (0-9) and underscore ( _ )Another user cannot use the nickname that is already in use. Guest users cannot use the reserved nick of an operator.

Chat has many different "rooms". You are free to move between rooms at any time. Each room will have different group of people and topic of discussion for the particular room. You can move to another room by typing “/join NEWROOMNAME” or choosing the room list from the list box next to the submit button.

Chatters can create their own private room by typing “/join”. When guest users create a private room its not locked. But when operators create private room, the room will be automatically locked and the operators can allow any chatters to join their room by typing “/unlock”.

Private Messages
Private Messages is the important part of the chat and its widely used by most of the chatters. The message for sending private message is “/msg” and the syntax for using the command is “/msg NICKNAME MESSAGE”. By selecting a nick and typing the message in the input box we can send personal Messages. By this we can send a message privately to the specified nick.

Online List
Online list displays the number of users online, nickname of a guest, nick name of an operator, IP address, Room and a comment. Guests are represented by Black color and the operators from Rank 1 to Rank 27 are represented by blue color, Rank 28 by Green color and Rank 29 and 30 by red color in the list. Click Here for the current online list.

This is to Include images anywhere in your messages using the codes available at Image Codes Page.You can use maximum of 6 images per message. The guest when logged in, has to be granted by the operator to use the images.


There are many commands that are used by operators which can also be used by the guests. However, the guest needs to be granted by operator to use these commands. When granted the guest can also use the commands like “/bo”, “/li”, “/un”, “/bl” in the messages.

Chat Rules
HeartChat has introduced a set of rules which the chatters have to follow when they are chating in the HeartChat. The chatters who are not following the rules will be subjected to be action by the operators. The guests are requested to go through the rules completly to avoid any probelms inside the chat. Visit this page often to keep yourself updated with the latest rules of the chat. Click here to see the complete set of Rules.

Color Codes
Chatters can use the colors in between their messages. The colors can be incorporated within the text messages by typing certain unique color codes for each color. Click Here for the complete list of Color codes.

Image Codes
Chatters can use the images in between their messages. The images can be incorporated within the text messages by typing certain unique codes for each image. Click Here for the complete list of Image codes.

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