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Special Rooms

HeartChat provides the facility to create Rooms which can be owned by the Operators. Once a special room is owned by an operator, he can control and customize the room. The Owner of the Special room has the power to allow and disallow the chatters to his room.Each room will have its own ROOM ID

Create Room

HeartChat Special Rooms are rented for a certain period which can be renewed periodically. The Special rooms can be created by contacting the Agents or Staff. Please refer the bottom of the page to see the costing for the Special Rooms.


Following are the Benefits of owning a Special Room in HeartChat :

  • Unique Smaller Room ID's Compared to the Nicks.
  • Room Owners can Allow , Disallow or Restrict the chatters who can enter their rooms.
  • Room Owners can set the BackGround Color and Title for the Room.
  • Rooms can have its own comment, and will be displayed in the rooms list of the chat.
  • Special Rooms of HeartChat are shown with a * in the rooms list.
  • Room Owners can set a welcome message for the room, which will be send as a message to the chatters who enters the room.

  • Modify Settings

    Special Room Settings can be modified by entering the Member Area of the Operator who owns the room. The Operator can modify the Background Color, Room comment, Room Title, Welcome message and allow, disallow or restrict the users to enter their rooms, through the Member Area.


    The Special Room in HeartChat can be owned for a specific period of time. Following are the cost details for owning the nicks:

  • 3 months - 75 Dhs
  • 6 months - 125 Dhs
  • 1 Year   - 225 Dhs
  • 2 Years  - 400 Dhs

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