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HeartChat Provides special commands and features for its members. Its having two kinds of membership : Trial Operators which is valid for one month and Paid Operators whose membership is valid depending on the amount they paid for.

Ranking System
The operators are ranked between 1 to 30 in HeartChat. Following is the organizational structure of the HeartChat Operators.

Rank 1 - Trial OP
Rank 2 to 5 - OP
Rank 6 to 9 - Senior OP
Rank 10 to 13 - Wise OP
Rank 14 to 18 - Heart OP
Rank 19 - Sub Cop
Rank 20 - Cop
Rank 21 - Senior Cop
Rank 22 - Sub Wizard
Rank 23 - Wizard
Rank 24 - Committee
Rank 25 - Sub Assistant
Rank 26 - Assistant
Rank 27 - Staff
Rank 28 - System
Rank 29 - Vice Admin
Rank 30 - Admin

** Operators from rank 19 and above are also called as higher rank operators.


HeartChat follows two system for upgrading the operators. Click here for the complete details.


HeartChat system provides automatic downgrade system for downgrading the operators. Click here for the complete details.

Trail Ops
HeartChat provides FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL Operator nicks to chatters who prefer to check the member commands prior to making paid operator nicks. The Trial Operators are Rank 1 operators in the chat with out an ID number. However, when the trial operator nick is renewed it will get an ID number.

Agents & Staffs

Agents, Committee and staffs are operators who are responsible for collecting money for the operator accounts and can provide the following facilities for the operators.

Create New Operator Nick

  1. Renew Operator Nick
  2. Change Operator Nick
  3. Swap Operator Nick
  4. Swap ID numbers between operator nicks.

Click here for find the Agent for your location .

Renewing Account

Operator accounts can be renewed through the agents, committee , staff or credit cards.

Nick Expiry
HeartChat Operator information will be available in the database for 2 moths since the date of their expiry for paid operators and one month for the trial operators. Expired operator nicks after 2 months (1 month for Trial Op) will be deleted from the database and hence their information cannot be retrieved. However, expired operator nicks can be restored with their ranks and ID (If still available) for an amount of US $100.

Action Commands

HeartChat Operators has the privilege to use the exclusive action commands. Click here to see the action commands.

Member Area

HeartChat Operator can login their special Private member area in which they can perform the following functions.

  1. Read and compose their chat mails.
  2. View/Modify their profile
  3. View/Modify their Custom Chat settings like font, colors, comments.
  4. Replace their IP address from the huge list of the IP replacement texts provided by Heartchat.
  5. View their Records
  6. Modify their password
  7. View the information about their nicks
  8. View the online list of chatters

Become An Agent

Any Operator in the Heartchat can become an agent in the chat. Click here to read in detail about it.

Become a Member

Chatters who want to get more privileges while chating can apply for membership. Click on the respective links below to become member of HeartChat.

  • English Trial Operator
  • English Paid Operator
  • Arabic Trial Operator
  • Arabic Paid Operator

  • Credit Cards
    The Credit card system is currently not functional and will be available shortly.


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