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Wrong Action

Any action by the chatters or operators which violates the chat Rules is considered as Wrong action and will be subjected to appropriate action by the other higher operators.


If any chatter feels that the action taken against him/her is against the chat rule or with revenge activity they can complain against the particular operator using the command /complain. This complain will go to all the higher rank operators in the chat and hence the operator who is assigned to look after the complains will take appropriate action against the operator if he is found guilty. You can also send complain emails through the Contact Us page.

Do & DoNot
  • HeartChat welcome the comments and suggestions about the chat. But this should be done through the contact us page or sending email to or as chat mail to the admins. But if you come to the chat online and complain about the unfairness or problems in the chat in the main and use words that shows disrespect to the chat (or use words which says “other chat is better than heartchat”) you can be kicked or banned. If you are an operator and if you indulge in these activities your rank might be downgraded by few levels.

  • Avoid entering with nick name just with numbers. Since more than 5 digits in nick name is considered as phone number which is not allowed, its better to avoid entering with those nick names.

  • If you are an operator, and made an action like kick or ban, the server will not allow you to quit unless you spend 2 minutes in the chat. However, if you try to quit within 2 minutes, it will send operator message to all high rank operators mentioning that you are trying to quit and you will get a message saying that you cannot quit within 2 minutes. If you get a message like that, please don’t try to quit within 2 minutes as it will send a message to all the higher operators each time you try to quit until your 2 minutes is over.

  • Chatters are not allowed to post links or URL to pornographic sites or posting pornographic images as private images.


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