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The voting system has been introduced to promote the good will between the operators in the chat and to give the operators an environment to get to know about other operators in the chat. The response for the voting system in the first few months was overwhelming and is a good proof of how this system has been welcomed by the chatters.

Through the vote, the operators can chooses the Mr Operator and Miss Operator of the month. Click Here to enter the voting section.


The operator who is elected in First Place in Mr Operator and Miss Operator CONTEST will be :

  • Upgraded by one rank.
  • Their IP ADDRESS will be replaced with "Mr Operator" or "Miss Operator" for that whole month.
  • The login message of the Mr_Operator and Miss_Operator will be similar to the Vice admin and Admin Login message.

  • Show Votes

    This section shows the number of votes each operator has got in the current voting month.

    Cast Votes

    Operators can vote for other operators through the cast vote section.

    Join Votes

    If any Operator wants to put his/her operator nick in the list of the candidates for the voting for the current month they can do it through the join votes section.


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