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Who Can Apply?

The Chatter should be a paid Operator in HeartChat to be eligible to apply for the agents in HeartChat.Trial Operators cannot apply for agents.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The agents should pay a deposit of 500Dhs or 1000Dhs depends on the locations for which they are applying. This amount will be a secured deposit and will be RETURNED back when the agents wants to discontinue from the agent service.
  2. The agents will not be able to create nicks more than their deposited account and when they exceed their deposited amount, the agent nicks will be automatically holded by the server untill their accounts are cleared.
  3. The agents should act within the rules of the HeartChat and if he abuses with his agent nick in the chat, he will be immediatly terminated from the agent service and his deposit will be returned.


  1. Agents will get the following commands to help the chatters. /opmsg, /guestmsg and /rann
  2. The agents will get ONE FREE NICK for 3 months for each 500Dhs they are making. The agent have the choice of using this Free nicks or to cancel one of the nicks renewed by them. This Special offer is introduced to show our appreciation for the service the agents are doing for the chat.
  3. The agent nick will renewed FREE of cost for 3 months if their account is more than 500 Dhs once in 2 months.

How to Apply?

Currently we are accepting agents request for AbuDhabi, AlAin,Dubai, RAK, Ajman, Sharjah , UK, USA, KSA , Oman and Colleges. The operators can apply for the agent nicks by sending an email to with their NAME, LOCATION, OPERATOR NICK and contact PHONE NUMBERS.


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