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Private Message

How can I send Private Message?

To Send private message to an chatter with nick name HEART, the command is : /msg HEART Hi there


How can I use images?

When the Guest user logs in the chat he can not use the images directly. The operator has to grant the guest user so that they can use the images. So, once the guest login the chat ask the Operator togrant them. Once you get the grant you can use the images using the Image Codes. (You can see the image codes by clicking on the link Image Codes at the bottom of the chat page).

Chat Mail

Can I send chat mail to anyone and how can I send it?

You can send chat mail only to the operators of the HeartChat. The command is /mail OPERATORNICK MESSAGE.The operator nick spelling is case Sensitive and hence it should be written in the same case of the nick (eq, Operator nick Heart is not the same as HEART)

Member Area

How can I login the Member Area?

Click Here to login the Member Area (or) you can find the link Member Area in the right side panel of the home page (or) you can find the link to the member area in the bottom of the chat page.


How can I modify the email in my profile?

Login in the Member area. When you are inside the member area u can see the profile link inside the member area from where you can change your email address.

Delete ChatMail

How can I delete more than one chat mail at a time?

Login the member area and click on the chat mail option. You can find a small box within each chat mail. Choose all the mails that you want to delete by clicking on the box inside it and finally click on the Delete Chat mails button in the chat mail page.


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